• Thor THC-35 Industrial Battery Charger

Thor THC-35 Industrial Battery Charger

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Brand Thor
This charging system provides an optional automatic charging system in three steps. 1.A fast charge to bring a good drained battery back up to full voltage rapidly. 2. A standard charge to bring the battery up to a full charge at a safe rate to prolong the life of the battery and provide power to run 12V lighting and appliances in the vehicle/device. 3. A trickle charge to keep the battery fresh during times of load inactivity. The charger automatically changes modes to accommodate changes in conditions. Thor Manufacturing produces a full range of 12 volt power solutions to meet your mobile power supply needs! Our innovative products include Modified Sine Wave Inverters battery chargers power packs rechargeable spotlights solar panels renewable energy accessories and more.

  • DC Output Voltage: (No Load)approx.13.6V/14.4(DC).
  • Output Voltage Tolerance: (No Load) + or -.7%.
  • Output Amperage: Max Continuous 32Amps.
  • Output Voltage (Full Load): approx. >13.4V (DC).
  • Maximum Power Output: Continuous 430Watts.
  • Input Voltage Range: 105-135 AC.
  • Input Voltage Frequency.
  • Maximum AC Current: 108VAC 6Amps.
  • Typical Efficiency: 85%.
  • Max Inrush Current:-Single Cycle 40 Amp.
  • Overload Protection: 100%.
  • Line Regulation:-100 mV rms.
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