• PDE Tech ZipSpin Portable Pocket Power Jump Starter

PDE Tech ZipSpin Portable Pocket Power Jump Starter

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Brand PDE Tech
The smallest lightest 12V jump starter in the world - charges cell phones and computers too! We couldnt believe it when we saw this portable jump starter in action. Although its a mere 5 x 3 x 1 inches it packs incredible power that can start any 12V vehicle battery. It has a USB port for charging your cell phone tablet PC and other portable electronics too.

  • High power polymer cells for rapid charging and low discharge rate
  • Flashlight and flashing warning light
  • Tucks neatly in your glove box console or under a seat
  • 6-month limited warranty
  • The smallest and lightest 12V jump starter on the market
  • Will Jump Start 12V vehicle battery for emergency starts
  • Flash light and Flashing Warning light
  • Charges various portable electronics products.
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