• Whistler WJS-4000 Mega Portable Jump Starter

Whistler WJS-4000 Mega Portable Jump Starter

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Brand Whistler

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  • 240 starting amps/ 480 peak amps
  • Powerful lithium polymer battery can be recharged hundreds of times
  • Compact design fits conveniently in toolboxes consoles and glove compartments
  • 5 LED Battery power / charging level indicator
  • Built-in overcharge protection
  • Holds a charge for up to 12 months
  • Provides multiple jump starts from a single charge
  • 2 USB ports (2.1 amp shared) can power and charge phones tablets MP3 players cameras and more.
  • 19.1V Port for charging laptops and tablets
  • Built-in high-output LED flashlight includes strobe SOS and emergency beacon flashing patterns.
  • Includes Device Charging Cables with 4-in-1 USB Cable and 19.1V adapter tips.
  • Lots of options in every category
  • High quality construction and modern designs
  • Superior quality performance and reliability
  • Competitive prices and value for money
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